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Kaleidescape and Imerge
A Kaleidescape and Imerge systems store your DVDs and CDs centrally and deliver movies and music across your network to players throughout your home.
What is Digital AV?

Audio and video transmitted and received as a digital signal.

The digital signal can be transmitted by a server or a modern CCTV system and can be picked up by your signage system, set-top boxes, kiosks, television screens or PC/Mac.

What is IPTV?

A TV service that uses a two-way digital signal sent across network infrastructure such as a local area network at home or the internet.

Typically, an IPTV system offers broadcast television, time-shift as well as video on demand features that allow users to enjoy high quality programming either live or recorded.

What is HD Video Conferencing?

High definition conferencing provides a video image with crystal clear clarity across your company network or Internet.

HD systems are used in all meeting environments, from telepresence, to group systems, to executive desktop video solutions.

What is IP-CCTV?

Recordings made for surveillance purposes made by digital cameras and transmitted across a network.

Network cameras offer higher resolution and more clarity, and are able to stream video and audio. The cameras require no additional cabling and offer excellent value.